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See What Our Customers are Saying

Extra effort was made to accommodate me. The installation looks identical to the original.

William Doolin of Wichita, KS

Chris was very professional and easy to work with. Job done quickly, easily & affordable. Many thanks to a job well done!

Jackie Stine of Wichita, KS

Jake was neat & efficient in his work

Marcia Brown of Wichita, KS

It rained for the 1st time in months this week. What a blessing to not get all wet opening our side door. Looks great, works great. Couldn’t be happier! Very professional.

George & Peggy Hatcher of Wichita, KS

I appreciate all the help & coordination that April gave me. It was great to have the continuity with Gutter Helmet. It is good to know you are still around for service.

Jo Beth Rood of Wichita, KS

Everyone we talked to was very good at their jobs. The young man worked very hard all day long.

Mildred McGregor of Wichita, KS

You are very accommodating and professional in your work. All debris was cleaned up!!

Carol Sherman of Wichita, KS

It is nice to not need to clean the gutters. You did a good job and the workmen were very nice to talk to and explain things.

Winona Slusser of Wichita, KS

With all the damage of the hail storms, I applaud you for your fast work. The installers were very personable and considerate.

Kathy Harkness of Wichita, KS

When hail damaged or Gutter Helmet, the staff answered our questions well and helped me out. They were on time, neat, worked steady, and friendly.

Marsha Lappin of Wichita, KS

Product looks neat! Installers were very neat, polite and very professional. Very professional company all the way around.

Cloyd Zimmerman of Wichita, KS

Very polite, competent, completed installation in a timely manner. Office staff, April, was so very helpful and considerate! Appreciated her helpful kind attitude!

Mrs. Mildred Jackson of Wichita, KS

Installer was a one man army!! We are impressed!! Overall company score: EXCELLENT

Joe Stevens of Wichita, KS

You were very prompt and was very easy to work with even during your busy season. Office staff very friendly and helpful.

Linda McGee of Wichita, KS

Did a great job! The installer took time to explain everything and cleaned up. Everyone was very helpful, they worked with us on timing due to my husband’s illness. I truly appreciated that.

Kay Alldritt of Wichita, KS

Very efficient and clean!! Very nice saleslady!

Virgil Love of Wichita, KS

Everyone did excellent jobs. We were very pleased with both the personnel and their work.

Charles Cook of Wichita, KS

We really enjoy our Gutter Helmet! It’s a very wise investment. Everyone should have one. Steve was very nice and he took the time to explain everything. He did his job well and cleaned up. Keep doing such a wonderful job.

Luther Welch Jr. of Wichita, KS

Very friendly and direct to the job. The office staff are helpful and friendly. Your sales rep is very informative and helpful.

Donald Aguilar of Wichita, KS

Excellent work! Installer is a nice person. Such a pleasure to do business with such pleasant people. Very helpful!

Marcus Ballenger/ Patio Homes of Wichita, KS

The installer picked up everything. His attitude and appearance was very professional. The salesman was very professional, the office staff was very professional when she called to make the appointment.

Mrs. Mae O’Dell of Wichita, KS

It is the greatest investment to my house. I love it. The installer did a good job and the office staff are professional.

Ed Manga of Wichita, KS

From sales to install, very professional. My home now has a maintenance free exterior. Thank you for the great curb appeal.

Rebecca Barlow of Wichita, KS

Wonderful job! Very respectful, and very pleasant to work with.

Jay & Emily Keehn of Wichita, KS

Very pleased that the error in my billing statement was handled immediately. Office Staff is very good with customer relations.

Jennifer Classen of Wichita, KS

This project was completed to my satisfaction, with a reasonable cost. Very organized and efficient, and very professional. The installer was very organized and answered any questions I had.

James Dornbusch of Wichita, KS

Fast, excellent service, courteous and knowledgeable. Advanced Home Solutions provided friendly service and a quality product.

Corey Swertfayer of Wichita, KS

The product installation was very good and looked good too. The installer was neat and organized. I appreciated the numerous phone calls to reschedule the installation due to very cold and icy weather conditions. Safety was foremost.

Randall Lair of Wichita, KS

Knowledgeable, fast install, and professionally done!

Dan Taylor of Wilson, KS

The helmet is great and the installation very good! I was very surprised to get the nice check as a bonus for referring a friend. Thank you!!!

June Gilkison of Winfield, KS

I liked the idea that no one pressured me to buy Gutter Helmet. It was my decision alone.

Melba Neighbors of Winfield, KS

Your installer is a quality employee! EXCELLENT rating across the board

John Simmer of Wamego, KS

Your man worked on the roof in 95*F and without a hat for his bald head! Bless him!! Excellent cooperation even when insurance company argued!!

Judith Leftoff of Valley Center, KS

It is very pleasing and clean looking. Installer was hard working and knew what he was doing, he kept working on a very hot day! I was pleased to have the work done ahead of schedule. Thank you!

Audrey Burdette of Valley Center, KS

Everybody was professional and friendly. Overall EXCELLENT rating!

Donna Peoples of Topeka, KS

The job was done on time and with little interruption. The installer worked quickly and efficiently, he knew what he was doing. The sales rep did a good job selling your product.

Robert Stacks of Topeka, KS

Job was professionally done! The installer did a professional job and know his job real well.

Robert Swartzman of Topeka, KS

Office staff, workman, and salesman all very pleasant and helpful. Many Thanks!!!

Frances Tunison of Topeka, KS

Cold weather!! Installer cleaned out gutters prior to installation, left no mess. Everyone was very friendly, polite and professional.

Robert Lewis of Topeka, KS

You were here when you said you would be. It rained hard during installation, installer did excellent. April is wonderful and efficient.

Jeanene Hoover of Topeka, KS

Chris & April, you are GREAT! What’s better than excellent?

Joan Lamb of Topeka, KS

You all have a great product and I have been greatly satisfied with the results. Works great in snow and ice also.

Donald Sanders Sr. of Sterling, KS

The job was done very quickly and neatly. The installer was very friendly and easy to work with. They did a very good job on cleanup.

Allen Neuhaus of Tecumseh, KS

We were very pleased and happy with everything you did for us. Thank you for being so kind and helpful.

John Holt of Topeka, KS

Installer was very nice. He was a steady worker. I am very pleased with the product and would be happy to refer the Gutter Helmet to any & everyone!

June Smith of Topeka, KS

The installer is a hard, dedicated worker, in the COLD!!! Nice people to do business with.

William Moser of Topeka, KS

We were satisfied with the work. Too bad that is was so HOT. Installer did an OUTSTANDING job!!!

Robert Parks of Topeka, KS

I usually do not use “Excellent” when rating on these. We were VERY Satisfied! EXCELLENT rating on product, installation, and overall company rating.

Nancy & Paul Kindling of Topeka, KS

Looks very neat. The installer was very polite and cleaned up all left overs. If all workers I do business with were as good as you folks, I would never have to complain! Thank you!

Melba Burdiek of Topeka, KS

Very neat job! Fast, efficient & turns out a good finished product. Overall, a very pleasant transaction done in a timely & effective way.

Scott Mobley of Topeka, KS

It looks great. The next day it rained. What a great job, no leaves running over. We love it!

Kenneth & Leona Wilson of Topeka, KS

Installation looks good. Installer does excellent work and knows what he is doing. He is also very customer friendly. Everyone has been very cordial and friendly when we’ve contacted the office.

Robert Lierz of Topeka, KS

The gutters look great. They got right to the job and in a short time were finished. Very efficient judging by the overall appearance. We’re extremely glad that we went with Gutter Helmet!

John Carlson of Topeka, KS

The Gutter Helmet looks WAY better than I imagined. Now I want some rain and my umbrella! Installer did a Good Job!!! EXCELLENT rating across the board.

Mary Settle of Salina, KS

I would recommend your company to anyone! Installer knows what he is doing! EXCELLENT ratings across the board.

William Errebo of Salina, KS

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